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What do we buy?


Broadcasting Solutions

The technology, support and services required to originate, process, monitor and distribute video content for broadcast.

Consumer Devices

The purchase of BT’s broadband gateways, set top boxes, remote controls, High Street Devices (DECT phones, connectivity devices, Baby Monitors etc). The category also manages the purchase of services supporting the devices (installation, support, refurbishment etc). This category also covers BT WiFi, Cloud and Email.

IT Hardware

The purchase, installation, maintenance, or managed support services relating to all hardware equipment including desktops, monitors & keyboards, mainframes, servers or storage for either customer resale or internal use.


This includes the following:

  • Access & Equipment
  • Core Routing
  • Data Centre
  • Edge & Core
  • Intelligent Network
  • IP Voice
  • Legacy Voice
  • Network Support
  • Next Generation networks
  • Optical Spectrum
  • Radio
  • Sub-sea
  • Transmission
  • Wi-Fi

Research & Development

Support Research & Development using inputs from University Study (including PhD Sponsorships), Corporate Memberships, Subscriptions, Innovation, IPR

Satellite Solutions

Providers of satellite bandwidth, equipment, managed services and ground operators.


Indirect: The purchase of licensed software, support and OEM professional services for BT’s own use (including operating systems, database, Software as a Service or subscriptions, applications software and middleware).
Direct/Resale: TBC

TV Content

The purchase of audio-visual content and services related to BT TV and BT Sport mainly covering TV content (e.g.). channels, and VOD (TVOD & SVOD) and EST) and associated TV services alongside BTSport procurement of rights, infrastructure and related operational managed services