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Working With BT Environmental Policy

BT spends around 14 billion pounds each year on products and services, ranging from telephone exchange equipment and vehicles to accommodation, fuel and energy, stationery, office machinery and postal services .

This makes us one of the UK's largest purchasers, with an environmental influence that extends well beyond that of our own staff and workplaces.

In recognition of this fact, for ISO 14001 certification, BT identified 'Procurement' as one of nine company activities that have an impact on the environment (an "environmental aspect"). You can see BT's Environmental Policy:

Because of this, we seek to influence our suppliers and contractors through our purchasing policy concerning the environment. We have a specific objectives to ensure appropriate supplier environmental data is collected and, following evaluation of our suppliers Environmental Impacts, to encourage improvement of poor performers in significant risk areas. We therefore adopt a risk-based approach - focusing attention on encouraging environmental improvements where the greatest impact can be made.

We achieve this objective by inviting our suppliers to complete our Environmental questionnaire and working with suppliers in the spirit of continuous improvement where required.

BT Environmental Standard(English)