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Third Party Pre-Employment Checks Policy

In June 2011 BT launched a revised Pre-Employment Check Policy for Third Parties to protect our customers, employees and assets and to maintain BT's security commitments to the CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure).

BT is committed to ensuring that all third party people supplied to undertake work for BT or who require access to BT's property and/or systems to deliver contracted goods or services have appropriate pre-employment checks in advance of any interaction with BT. There are different levels of checks depending on the type of work, the level of contact with BT employees, customers and information, and the requirement for systems and physical access to BT property.

As a supplier you will be expected to comply with the policy and make a contractual commitment to that effect.

The full policy details are available in the pdf document Third Party Pre-Employment Checks Policy. It is also available in the following languages: